For Independent, Franchise, or multiple Optical Practice Owners.

    • Take the time to understand exactly what YOU want, not what we have. We will provide you with an Optometrist who fits the culture, has the capability, experience, attitude and the personality that you’re looking for
    • Assigned a dedicated and knowledgeable recruitment consultant with thorough understanding of the Optical Market to liaise whenever you need
    • Save you time, stress and the extra work involved in finding that ideal Optometrist
    • Provide advice on how you can not only attract high caliber Optometrists but also retain them! We have hundreds of hours of experience in conversations with Optometrists throughout the UK, so have a huge sample size of wants, needs, reasons for wanting to move on etc on a national scale.

    Please do take advantage of our knowledge!

Focal Fort – Your Vision, Our Focus

We know

An advert will never reach everyone & cannot independently think for itself so will not always be seen by the most relevant individuals.

Neither will an advert ever replace a constructive conversation with the right Optometrist, so join the growing list of Focal Fort recruitment partners today!

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